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My Current Work in Progress - The Lotus Blossom

As my way of introducing myself and my brand spanking new journal, here's my current work in progress, the Lotus Blossom.


The beginning  So one day I'm sitting around and start thinking about motifs and the use of motifs in crochet design.  No matter how easy they are to work with, I'm just not a granny square kind of girl.  I find them a little too... seventies.  So I started playing with the yarn.  At first the plan was to go with a larger motif than this.  But once I had the circle, well, the circle is all round and perfect. 

Bigger  And the circles started to grow and multiply.  This one's roughly one whole panel.

Top  I got bored with endless circles so at this point I made the top.  Glad I did it that way too.  It made it a lot easier to visualize the final result.

Insanity  Two panels in...

three panels  Three panels in...  To me the panels look like flower petals.  Thus the birth of the name.

right now  And all of five minutes ago standing in my daughter's bathroom.  Yes, she has killer shoes.

So thanks for letting me introduce myself and yes, I'd certainly appreciate having some LJ friends and followers.  Hope you like what you get to see grow.
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