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Calling for submissions! Tension Magazine

So what's the deal with your new project, Tension Magazine, you ask?

It's a quarterly crochet-centric lifestyle magazine for urban adults.


Oh, you need more than that? Ok, try this on for size:

The founding editors are Crochet's Dream Team: Julie Armstrong Holetz, Laura Killoran & Josi Hannon Madera.

Each full issue will have 10-12 patterns/projects (60-70% crochet, the remainder a smattering of other fiber arts), 5+ recipes, and lots of interviews/articles/techniques that focus on the art & politics & businesses & family lives of the people who work with fiber (from everywhere in the world).

It's an all-digital adventure, and we have no plans (now or ever) to create a printed version. Our online version will allow for pattern generators which not only size patterns for you - they will also allow you to choose between standard and British terminology, English and Metric systems of measurements, and eventually between English & Spanish versions of patterns (probably not articles, though - at least not for the first several issues).

Our photography will: lean towards urban landscapes, as opposed to pastoral ones; won't shy away from (or condemn or sensationalize) same-sex couples (or households with same-sex partners); might occasionally contain nudity.

Our articles: will encourage debate on current topics both within and without the craft-as-art world; will assume our readers are intelligent, thoughtful, critical individuals; will inform about aspects of crochet design that normally go uncovered to make space for the "how to single crochet" pages most publishers seem reluctant to forgo.

Our patterns: will be the best available, online or otherwise, when it comes to clarity, accuracy, fit of completed pieces & styling. I will work with designers personally, to incorporate my full range of garment-engineering knowledge, to make certain all aspects of clothing construction are solid for every pattern we publish. That means: don't be shy about submitting your ideas, because even if you are unsure about parts of it - one of the bonuses of working with Tension Magazine is the support you will receive from the editorial staff.

Our payscale & policies :

(1) All rights revert to the designer six months after initial publication. We may offer some designers the option to continue to sell their patterns through Tension Magazine's website, for which they will receive 50%* of sales of their patterns. *(after PayPal/credit card transaction fees, see contract for details)

(2) We've devised a payscale that rewards designers for their continued contributions to Tension Magazine. After being published in 4 issues, we bump up designers (and writers) to the next rung on the ladder (it will equal about a 15-20% increase in payment), after being published in 8 issues there's another bump up the ladder.

(3) All patterns in Tension Magazine will also be available to purchase individually, on our website, concurrent with the publication of the issue in which they are featured. Designers/pattern writers will receive 50%* of sales of their patterns. *(after PayPal/credit card transaction fees, see contract for details)

ok, now I'm interested! When is this coming out?

Our "mini issue" debuts in September 2009. Each of our issues will have a theme - a single word that evokes a color and a flavor/smell. The theme for our autumn mini issue is Cocoa.

Our first full issue, Winter 2009 issue goes live December with a Cinnamon theme.

We are taking ideas for submissions for these issues, and for Spring 2010 (Lemon) and Summer 2010 (Blueberry).

Any more questions? Sign Up For Contributor Guidelines
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