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Sweet Pea Dress

 I stayed up too late last night finishing the sweet pea dress.  This dress goes with the hat from my previous post for my niece, whose nick name is Sweet Pea.  The pattern--which I modified quite extensively--is on the front of this book.

THE FRONT (details to follow)  I stuck white towels in there to eliminate the visual confustion from the back showing through.  The pattern was designed to wear alone or over a tee shirt.  I tightened it up a bit because I didn't like the huge armholes, but you could probably still put a snug shirt under it.  Also, I'm making a wrap sweater to go over it.

THE BACK It was designed to be just straight straps, but i made it more racer-back to help it stay on her shoulders.

BODICE DETAIL The buds, blossoms, and leaves are crocheted applique and the stems/vines are just couched yarn.  I have to figure out what to do with the loose ends on the back.  Everything is knotted, but i'm afraid to weave ends in lest they show through the white.  Also, those are yarn needles holding the straps closed right now; I'm planning to put in snaps or velcro.

HEM DETAIL  This part was a little difficult to get right.  Since the skirt is worked from the waist down, the pattern stitch has the widest part at the bottom, but I needed the buds to be wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.  I tried several variations and I'm really happy with how this turned out, even if they sort of look more like tulips than sweet peas.

You'll have to wait til July for pictures of her wearing it--that's when her birthday is.

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