Annilita (annilita) wrote in a_twistedstitch,


I have two pieces of crocheted fabric that need to be attached to one another to form a throw pillow cover.

Normally, I would just slip- or whip-stitch them together. However, these two pieces of crocheted fabric are dramatically different from one another in stitch density, elasticity, and row count. Can I get away with machine sewing them together, you think, or should I suck it up and keep working on a way to properly join them with yarn and a tapestry needle?

The back is grit stich and the front has sc and sl st tbl, so the front has a 3-d texture going on and the guage is much denser than the back.

I've never machine sewed two pieces of knit or crocheted fabric together, so really I'd just like to know if this is a "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!" situation or if I should go ahead and swatch it and give it a try. I'm in a bit of a deadline time crunch, so if this is a hell-no situation, I'd like to know before I waste time making up swatches to experiment on.
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