Annilita (annilita) wrote in a_twistedstitch,

Payment for Book

It's taboo to talk about dollars and cents, I know, but I really don't want to get screwed, and this seems like the most appropriate community to ask. The publisher I'm working with is known for underpaying for patterns and letting you keep the rights to "compensate" for that. I'm totally ok with that for what I'm doing with them now, but I'm not pitching a book to them first unless they can meet appropriate payment levels.

If you were to create a book of 20-25 crochet patterns with a few beginner level patterns, but mostly intermediate and advanced, including a handful of shawls, and a handful of sized garments, in addition to various and sundry, what would you expect to be paid? Should I expect an actual payment in addition to a percentage of each book sold, or just one or the other? And when should I expect the boxes of fine chocolates and plane tickets to exotic locales to start arriving at my door?

Also, how long of a timeline should I be expected to work in typically?
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