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A Twisted Stitch
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Date:2012-06-16 11:48
Subject:My Current Work in Progress - The Lotus Blossom

As my way of introducing myself and my brand spanking new journal, here's my current work in progress, the Lotus Blossom.


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So thanks for letting me introduce myself and yes, I'd certainly appreciate having some LJ friends and followers.  Hope you like what you get to see grow.

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Date:2009-07-13 18:51
Subject:Free sizing spreadsheet (x-posted to crochets)

I'm sharing a basic spreadsheet that I've put together. It incorporates body measurements with gauge and ease in order to give you stitch/row counts for your sizes. It can be used for knit or crochet.

It isn't an exact replica of the one I use, but it has all of the dimensions as listed on the Yarn Standards website (sizing for Women).

In the upper-left corner, one can enter the ease & gauge and the rest of the spreadsheet will auto-populate.

These measurements are whole measurements, and do not take into account the shape of the neckline, or the type of sleeve, but they are the industry standard starting point. A few things for anyone who wants to use this spreadsheet:

1. The file itself is in MS-Office Excel format. That is the only format I am providing, but if other people want to convert it and share it with others - feel free.
2. The file has no copyright attached - use/copy/share/alter as desired. I don't even require credit, but it would be nice.
3. I am not offering *any* tech support either for the use of the information, or the use of MS-Excel spreadsheets, or the rationale behind my formulas (it's really straightforward stuff).

FILE: Measurements

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Date:2009-06-09 10:09
Subject:Calling for submissions! Tension Magazine

So what's the deal with your new project, Tension Magazine, you ask?

It's a quarterly crochet-centric lifestyle magazine for urban adults.


Oh, you need more than that? Ok, try this on for size:

The founding editors are Crochet's Dream Team: Julie Armstrong Holetz, Laura Killoran & Josi Hannon Madera.

Each full issue will have 10-12 patterns/projects (60-70% crochet, the remainder a smattering of other fiber arts), 5+ recipes, and lots of interviews/articles/techniques that focus on the art & politics & businesses & family lives of the people who work with fiber (from everywhere in the world).

It's an all-digital adventure, and we have no plans (now or ever) to create a printed version. Our online version will allow for pattern generators which not only size patterns for you - they will also allow you to choose between standard and British terminology, English and Metric systems of measurements, and eventually between English & Spanish versions of patterns (probably not articles, though - at least not for the first several issues).

Our photography will: lean towards urban landscapes, as opposed to pastoral ones; won't shy away from (or condemn or sensationalize) same-sex couples (or households with same-sex partners); might occasionally contain nudity.

Our articles: will encourage debate on current topics both within and without the craft-as-art world; will assume our readers are intelligent, thoughtful, critical individuals; will inform about aspects of crochet design that normally go uncovered to make space for the "how to single crochet" pages most publishers seem reluctant to forgo.

Our patterns: will be the best available, online or otherwise, when it comes to clarity, accuracy, fit of completed pieces & styling. I will work with designers personally, to incorporate my full range of garment-engineering knowledge, to make certain all aspects of clothing construction are solid for every pattern we publish. That means: don't be shy about submitting your ideas, because even if you are unsure about parts of it - one of the bonuses of working with Tension Magazine is the support you will receive from the editorial staff.

Our payscale & policies :

(1) All rights revert to the designer six months after initial publication. We may offer some designers the option to continue to sell their patterns through Tension Magazine's website, for which they will receive 50%* of sales of their patterns. *(after PayPal/credit card transaction fees, see contract for details)

(2) We've devised a payscale that rewards designers for their continued contributions to Tension Magazine. After being published in 4 issues, we bump up designers (and writers) to the next rung on the ladder (it will equal about a 15-20% increase in payment), after being published in 8 issues there's another bump up the ladder.

(3) All patterns in Tension Magazine will also be available to purchase individually, on our website, concurrent with the publication of the issue in which they are featured. Designers/pattern writers will receive 50%* of sales of their patterns. *(after PayPal/credit card transaction fees, see contract for details)

ok, now I'm interested! When is this coming out?

Our "mini issue" debuts in September 2009. Each of our issues will have a theme - a single word that evokes a color and a flavor/smell. The theme for our autumn mini issue is Cocoa.

Our first full issue, Winter 2009 issue goes live December with a Cinnamon theme.

We are taking ideas for submissions for these issues, and for Spring 2010 (Lemon) and Summer 2010 (Blueberry).

Any more questions? Sign Up For Contributor Guidelines

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Date:2009-05-26 09:51
Subject:x-posted to my personal journal

If someone vocalized that she had a problem with a US-based crochet magazine publishing the pattern of a non-US based designer - what would you think?

Would your feelings about the complaint/complainer be different if the exception was about a magazine including a gay or lesbian designer? a Muslim designer?

What if it was a UK-based magazine and the complaint was about including US designers?

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Date:2009-05-06 10:31
Subject:x-posted to my personal journal

What would *you* use to stiffen a doily/lace permanently? What if said doily/lace is 24" dia? I wanna hang it, but I don't wanna mount it.

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Date:2008-12-15 14:19
Subject:Too-short scarf

I was in the process of crocheting a scarf but I ran out of yarn so now it's too short to be a scarf.... Any ideas on what I could do with it? I don't want to unravel it and I don't have buttons so those are out of the question.

My apologies for being picture-less.

Any ideas would be helpful!

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Date:2008-12-04 10:03

Originally published at Acorns to Oaktrees. You can comment here or there.


I made this 20 years ago, or there abouts. I lurvs it.

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Date:2008-10-26 15:07

Done!!!!! :D

My first stitch!Collapse )

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Date:2008-04-23 15:29
Subject:Sweet Pea Dress

 I stayed up too late last night finishing the sweet pea dress.  This dress goes with the hat from my previous post for my niece, whose nick name is Sweet Pea.  The pattern--which I modified quite extensively--is on the front of this book.

You'll have to wait til July for pictures of her wearing it--that's when her birthday is.

x-posted variously

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Date:2008-04-17 20:12
Subject:Hats for niece and nephew

 Hi all.  This is my first post.  I'm a self-taught hooker who can't stick to a pattern the way it was written to save my life!

My niece (who will be 3) and my nephew (who will be 4) both have birthdays in July, so I'm getting a headstart on making some gifts for them.  Both hats are improvised from the same pattern in this book (search inside for "fruit hat" to see the pattern).

of course, these are just the hats--i have several other pieces to make.  and then i'll post pix for sure after the kids' birthdays with them wearing the ensembles. 

x-posted at my journal and happy_hookers

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Date:2008-04-02 21:54

Ok. I found this awesome store online. Can't remember the name of it.  I was looking for just sock yarn and this site had about 50 brands on it, some of them little mom-n-pop places but also cherry tree hill, lorna's laces and such.

I remember, if you click on say, lorna's laces, you see a few more icons like "sock" "worsted" etc.

If I make it to page 6 of my prospectus, then I award myself with sock yarn. Please oh please help me find my site again! I promise to bookmark it!!!

On the other hand, If you have any great places for sock yarn... I really like hand painted but it's not a necesary quality... feel free to recommend!


EDIT: Found! I'm such a dork, it's the Loopy Ewe!

But keep adding sites you like! Someone else might need a good site!

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Date:2008-03-26 13:42
Subject:newbie alert

Ok, so I found this community in a desperate attempt to find some existence of "advanced crochet" on the internet. I mostly improv when it comes to crochet. I do like to find free patterns on the internet that I can learn something from. I am familiar with some of you who have websites. Basically I have millions of ideas for designs, I just have to sit down and plan them out. And with planning comes forks in the road, which I hope you guys can help me with.

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Date:2008-01-07 16:07
Subject:A question about writing patterns

Don't know how many still read here, but...

I was considering writing up the pattern for my "Filigree Skirt" that I designed for my mother, and I had a question for those of you who use patterns (or write them).

How do I do sizing for something like a full length skirt? Can I write a general direction, i.e. "measure from waist to ankle, chain until this length is reached, multiples of 11 are ideal but not required" (possibly with more detail)? Or do I need to break it down into "chain 150 for a skirt of 26 inches" for people to be able to follow it?

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Date:2007-07-26 08:29
Subject:New LYS. Yay! But a crochet question.

We recently got a LYS.  FINALLY!  He advertises it for crochet and knitting, however there's not much in the way of  crochet hooks/patterns.  But I go in and talk to him a lot, and he's learning.

One thing he bemoans, however, is the lack of single crochet patterns to sell.  He keeps binders and sells single patterns from companies/individuals.  He says that among his knitting customers, those sell best.  But he can't find many for crocheters.

Do you know many people who are willing to sell patterns to LYS that way?  Can you give me any advice to give him?

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Date:2007-07-10 13:34
Subject:Pay question

I've been asked to name a price for a pattern by a Major Yarn Company (tm). Can they not just come up with some sort of payscale thingy? I have the worst time putting prices on my stuff. What would you expect to be paid for a full sized afghan (45x60in), with pattern? They would provide the yarn, retain the rights to the pattern and keep the afghan. The pattern would be available as a free download on their website and possibly used as a display piece at trade shows.

I was thinking $300. Does that seem right? It's a large project, but doesn't involve sizing at all, since it's an afghan, and the pattern isn't terribly difficult. I'd put it at advanced beginner level.

Also, thanks for the help re: attaching different crocheted fabrics together. In the end, what I did was sc along the vertical edges of the grit stitch pieces, then I held the pieces with right sides together and sc them together along the top and bottom through the last row worked and the remaining loops of the starting chain. Then, using yarn and a tapestry needle, I backstitched along the vertical edges, using the holes between the sc edging on the grit stitch pieces as a guide to make sure that my stitches were evenly spaced. It worked perfectly, and if you ever find yourself in a similar situation where you're sewing two dramatically different bits of crocheted fabric together and one doesn't have a very thick edge to it, you may want to give it a go.

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Date:2007-07-05 09:34
Subject:News Boy Cap

I want to make this cap for my niece:

This picture is from a Japanese pattern book that has a lot of really neat patterns but I don't speak/read Japanese. Can anyone point me to the English(American) pattern, or something really close?


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Date:2007-06-28 22:48

I have two pieces of crocheted fabric that need to be attached to one another to form a throw pillow cover.

Normally, I would just slip- or whip-stitch them together. However, these two pieces of crocheted fabric are dramatically different from one another in stitch density, elasticity, and row count. Can I get away with machine sewing them together, you think, or should I suck it up and keep working on a way to properly join them with yarn and a tapestry needle?

The back is grit stich and the front has sc and sl st tbl, so the front has a 3-d texture going on and the guage is much denser than the back.

I've never machine sewed two pieces of knit or crocheted fabric together, so really I'd just like to know if this is a "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!" situation or if I should go ahead and swatch it and give it a try. I'm in a bit of a deadline time crunch, so if this is a hell-no situation, I'd like to know before I waste time making up swatches to experiment on.

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Date:2007-06-27 19:35
Subject:Join the Tunisian Square Along

Visit the Art of Crochet Blog for the patterns for each of these squares:

You can visit Art of Crochet for a Tunisian stitch guides for each of the stitches in the above squares.

Remember - the patterns are at The Art of Crochet Blog.

Check out the previous 2 weeks posts for tips & tricks for Tunisian crochet, as well as other stitch patterns to test and swatch. And be sure to visit next week for more squares, swatches & stitch guides.

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Date:2007-06-03 07:48
Subject:Payment for Book

It's taboo to talk about dollars and cents, I know, but I really don't want to get screwed, and this seems like the most appropriate community to ask. The publisher I'm working with is known for underpaying for patterns and letting you keep the rights to "compensate" for that. I'm totally ok with that for what I'm doing with them now, but I'm not pitching a book to them first unless they can meet appropriate payment levels.

If you were to create a book of 20-25 crochet patterns with a few beginner level patterns, but mostly intermediate and advanced, including a handful of shawls, and a handful of sized garments, in addition to various and sundry, what would you expect to be paid? Should I expect an actual payment in addition to a percentage of each book sold, or just one or the other? And when should I expect the boxes of fine chocolates and plane tickets to exotic locales to start arriving at my door?

Also, how long of a timeline should I be expected to work in typically?

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Date:2007-05-27 15:17

Now available:

Mod Squad Cabled Skirt

YES - you CAN crochet cables!

In 15 sizes (hips 34"-54") and 3 lengths, this sexy skirt sits at the natural waist and falls straight from the hips. The pattern utilizes crocheted darts for a perfect fit.

Shown in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby, this skirt uses sport weight yarn (non-felting!).

Pattern available at Art of Crochet.

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