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A Twisted Stitch

Advanced, Original and Unusual Crochet

Advanced, Original and Unusual Crochet
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Do you design your own patterns (or endlessly modify the ones you own)?
Have you ever wondered if you can crochet a dildo? (you can)
Do you appreciate beginners but long for a gathering place for the particularly inspired?

Look no further, it's finally here!

FAQ (posts not following these guidelines will be deleted):

1. Copyright will be respected in ALL posts and comments. You will be banned immediately and without warning if you break this rule.
2. Before asking a question about a stitch or technique, please visit www.StitchGuide.com or Josi's Stitch & Technique Page.
3. Only one image/post not behind a cut tag. In addition, place all images wider than 500px or larger than 50K behind a cut.
4. a_twistedstitch is not a vanity community. When you post photos of projects, they should ALWAYS be accompanied with technical information about construction and/or requests for criticism.
5. Do not ask for the pattern of someone else's post and do not post in search of patterns.