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What would *you* use to stiffen a doily/lace permanently? What if said doily/lace is 24" dia? I wanna hang it, but I don't wanna mount it.
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I sprayed a doiley I made with spray starch and kept spraying and ironing until it was very stiff, it kept its stiffness for quite a while.
spray starch or white glue
My aunt would lace it into a (thread-covered) metal hoop, which she's done for pieces over a yard across, but that probably counts as mounting it. I've used diluted white glue on small pieces, but I don't know if that would be structural enough for something a couple of feet across. The spray acrylic suggested earlier sounds intriguing.

I've seen a couple of ceramic pieces that involved soaking lace in porcelain slip and then firing it -- the fiber burns off in the kiln, and the resulting piece is delicate.
Don't know if you can get it where you live, but try Paverpol - Water based but dries waterproof. Marvellous for making fibre projects that retain their shape and colour outside or in. Dries rock-hard if you soak the fibres well then wipe excess off after pinning out on cling film or plastic bag wrapped support. Hope that helps. I've used it for thread christmas decorations, (crochet lace sphere, insert balloon and inflate, stiffen lace with Poverpol, dry, pop balloon, result - stiff lace ball for hanging on tree!).